Date:June 27, 2016

SonTek 10MHz-ADV-1

SonTek 10MHz-ADV-1Standard Features
Lab Model
n Uses a desktop PC for power and data storage
n Sensor mounted on a 40 cm stem
n Standard cable length to PC: 10 m
Field Model
n Self-contained processor in splash-proof or
underwater housing
n Sensor mounted on 25 cm stem
n Standard cable length to processor: 10 m
n Analog and serial outputs
n Analog outputs for Lab models
n Analog input module for synchronizing
external sensors with Lab models
n Saltwater protection package
n Rechargeable batteries for Field models
n Several probe configurations available
n Strain-gage pressure sensor – (0.1%)
n Resonant pressure transducer – (0.01%)
n Temperature sensor (0.1°C)
n Compass/tilt sensor – Heading 2°
Pitch Roll 1°
Power (Field System)
n Power Supply: 12-24 V DC
n Power Consumption: Approximately 2.5-4 W
operating, less than 1 mW in sleep mode
Any of these probes can be integrated
into our Hydra package
*Velocity data specifications have been verified
using laboratory simulations and comparisons
with other meters. Test results are available on