PT. ASMIN ADISENTOSA is a general trading company located in Indonesia specializing in the supply of Marine and Land Surveying Equipment i.e. Hydrographic & Map Processing System, Oceanographic Equipment, Global Positioning System (GPS), Lasers, and Total Station/Optical Instruments. The company also promotes and sells products including those adapted for use in other working fields, mostly instruments are used for forest measuring, geophysical & geological works and activities including soil physical research, hydrological research, plant physiological research, and agricultural & environmental research throughout Indonesian regions

For marketing and sale of products, PT. ASMIN ADISENTOSA cooperates closely with the companies representing some of the world’s leading manufacturers from the USA and Europe especially in South East Asia and is supported for technical assistance and after sales service including spare parts.

Our main marketing customers covering:

  • Oil & Gas Exploration Companies
  • Survey & Seismic Companies
  • Mining Companies
  • Forestry & Plantation Companies
  • Construction Companies including
  • Marine/Underwater works.
  • Port Authorities & Government Statutory Boards
  • Defense Industries including Navy, Air force, Military and Coastguard.
  • Agricultural & Environmental Research Societies.